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Support for Your Family after a Terrible Loss

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Your loved one was killed on the job. It’s devastating.

You’re grieving. You’re overwhelmed. You’re also worried about your financial future.

When you lose a family member to a workplace accident, you should never be left on your own to handle all the costs.

Under Kentucky Workers’ Compensation, you don’t have to be.

For a wrongful death on the job, you can receive payment to help rebuild your life.

But even though almost every job in Kentucky is covered by Workers’ Comp insurance, sometimes securing survivors benefits isn’t so simple. Make sure you get everything your family deserves by working with experienced Kentucky Workers’ Comp and personal injury lawyers.

It takes courage to face a terrible loss. Morgan, Collins & Yeast puts Kentucky Courage™ into securing your family’s financial well-being.

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Who Can Receive Workers’ Comp Death Benefits in Kentucky?

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Your loved one was only trying to work to support your family, and it cost them their life.

After such a shock, Kentucky Workers’ Comp law allows for various family members to get financial help:

  • Spouses
  • Children under 18
  • Children up to age 22 enrolled in school
  • Children over 18 with disabilities
  • Grandchildren who were dependent on the deceased worker
  • Parents who were dependent on the family member
  • Siblings who were dependent on the worker
  • Grandparents who were dependent on the worker

Depending on your relationship with the person who died, you will receive a different amount from Workers’ Comp.

A widow or widower, for example, can receive 50 percent of the deceased person’s average weekly wage. If your spouse died and you have a child living with you, you would receive 45%, and your child would get 15%. Parents, siblings, grandchildren and grandparents get 25%

At Morgan, Collins & Yeast, we don’t charge you anything to meet with us so we can evaluate your situation and tell you your options.

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How Much Do You Get in Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits?

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Benefits for survivors after a fatal workplace accident come in two major forms:

  • You receive a lump sum payment to cover burial costs. The amount of the payment changes over time, set by the state.
  • You receive a portion of your loved one’s average weekly wage going forward. The amount is subject to limits based on the average weekly wage for the state. It covers any death that occurs within four years of the work-related injury.

This is a very difficult time for you, and unfortunately employers and Workers’ Compensation insurance companies can make it harder. Sometimes they try to avoid the expense of paying a Workers’ Comp claim.

When you work with Morgan, Collins & Yeast, you have someone to fight back for you, so you can receive everything you need and deserve.

What If Someone’s Reckless Behavior Caused a Wrongful Death on the Job?

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Workers’ Compensation awards benefits regardless of anybody’s fault in causing the accident that took your loved one. This is designed to protect employers from lawsuits.

But in some cases you can also pursue a personal injury claim for wrongful death on the job.

Wrongful death is defined as death due to the misconduct or negligence of another person, company or entity.

If someone other than your family member’s employer contributed to the accident, you may be able to sue for additional damages beyond a Workers’ Comp claim.

You could secure more financial relief this way, but you must prove that your family member’s death was caused by the other party’s neglect. And you must confirm the victim had surviving beneficiaries.

If the deceased worker would have been entitled to file for money damages had he or she survived the accident, you may have a wrongful death personal injury case.

Whether it’s Workers’ Comp or personal injury, at Morgan, Collins & Yeast, we will pursue every available financial avenue to help you and your family get stronger after a tragic accident.

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